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Pourua | Our fantastic readers
Photo by Ann Murphy

Reading Challenge

Ann Murphy —

Watch our Year 7 & 8s Rock their Reading Challenge!

This year our 7 & 8s are competing in a year-long reading challenge. 

You might already have seen the challenge prompt they are using to extend their reading?

  • Pourua were the first to read to the height of their teacher!
  • 8WAN were the first to reach 100 books! Followed very closely by Pourua and 8NEL — Excellent!
  • So far 7 classes have read to the height of their teachers and 3 have achieved 100 books.
  • 32 students have earned Hell Pizza vouchers for reading 7 books each and many more are only 1 or 2 books off claiming a pizza voucher before the holidays.

Next term the challenge is for the class to read 10,000 pages. (1 x 350 page book each)

There is a special reward for the Champion Class at the end of the year.

Keep it up everyone!