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Online Safety Survey Results

Rachel Thorpe —

The results are in! Here's what our community had to say about the online safety of their children.

Firstly thank you to all of you who took the time to fill out our online safety survey. We will be using these results to help form our in-class digital citizenship programme with the year 5 and 6's this term and year 4's next term. 

Here is the survey summary report:

Our community feels confident in dealing with online safety issues with 80% of people indicating a feeling of moderate to high capability. 

The greatest areas of concern for our community are; access to explicit or pornographic content, online predators or grooming, online bullying or trolling, chatting with or being contacted by strangers, sharing private information and social media. 

A slight majority of respondents (53%) indicated that they would like Kaurilands School to support them with these concerns, a majority indicating that they would like this information via email. Information through newsletter articles and on the school website were also favoured.

Despite close to 50% of whānau feeling capable to deal with online safety issues, 82% of respondents  would like help with some of the following:

- Parental controls, filtering and blocking on devices at home

- Information on beneficial and harmful apps and games.

- Good family practices

- Screen time research

- Social media

- Digital agreements for home.

- Online gaming

On the basis of these results we will be sending whānau information on these topics via email, school newsletter and website. We will also be  teaching online safety to students through our digital citizenship programme, helping them to make wise choices online and avoid the pitfalls and concerns our community listed.