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KidsCan Fundraiser

A home fundraiser for KidsCan

Josh, Owen & Isaac —

A great idea from three brothers!

Three brothers - Josh - Rōpū Whitu,  Owen - Room 10 and Isaac - Room 22 held a little fundraiser at home (copying the school's idea) because they wanted to help other kids in NZ who “didn’t have much food and toys and stuff”. They did all the organising and decision making themselves – raided the pantry for shop items, hand made the tickets and seat numbers and rearranged the house!  When the (hastily arranged) guests arrived, Isaac sold the tickets, Owen manned the shop and Josh chose and set up the movie. Mum was really proud of them for following through on their idea so well and the extended family enjoyed their time together!  They made a fantastic $92.90 for KidsCan!

Josh wrote and made up the attached description up as a journal entry (see below).