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Y5 Challenge Week

Year 5 Team —

The Year 5 students had a great time with their Challenge Week whilst their Y6 classmates were at camp. See photos below for the antics they got up to!

Here are some of the descriptions the children wrote about their experiences:



The long lasting and exciting day five!  Paper was stuck to the board.  “LET’S DO THIS!” we yelled in excitement letting the whole school know.  Snap!  The leaf was captured.  We had twelve letters of the alphabet to go.  What did we find?


Crunch! Crunch! Crunch!  We are trotting slowly through tiny twigs and small piles of mud.  Aghast I look up.  My friends are struggling to hold two huge, brown, rotten and dirty sticks. I run up like superwoman and confidently lift up the mucky sticks.  I wonder if we have created something legendary?


Scrunch, crunch.   Ouch!  I couldn’t move.   I wondered if I would need an extra layer of skin?  Rip!  I was trying to move, but the treacherous tape was dragging my skin out piece by piece.  Would I ever get out of these clothes?