Hero photograph
Photo by Penny Hinchelwood

Penny Hinchelwood —

Jayden was diagnosed in 2010 with a large JPA (brain tumour), he was 14 months old.  Surgery debulked 40% of the tumour then 18 months of chemo followed.  The tumour progressed while on treatment.   A second chemo protocol followed which had a further progression after 3 months.  Then commenced a 2-year chemo trial from the US during which time he developed epilepsy then had a further progression after 18 months.  Our last resort was 6 weeks of radiation in 2015.  In 2018 he was diagnosed with Moyamoya disease as a result of radiation.  This disease is rare with no cure.  Two surgeries were performed last year in the attempt to try to create an alternate blood supply to his brain.  This year we have already had a reminder that we are far from out of the woods and we HOPE for a miracle!! Jayden is blind in one eye and has low vision in the other.  He has ADHD, his processing is slow, in speech, memory recall, all due to the damage from his 9-year journey thus far.  Jayden is an engaging child who is loved dearly.  He has a great sense of humour & continues to amaze us with his empathy & compassion towards others despite it all. These kids are heroes in every sense of the word & bring so much insight & maturity way beyond their years. Not a journey by choice but they have been forever changed by it for the better... to see life as a gift.... to live each day.... to live in the moment.

Our Market is on Saturday 17 August at our school.

We have raffles, only $5 each, sausage sizzle, amazing crafts, Jolly Jars, face painting, rock painting, balloon twisting, baking, henna and amusement rides and all profits go to Jayden, we would love to see you there

Thank you

Penny Hinchelwood