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Room 29

Room 29

Suzanne Freeman —

What a year it’s been in Room 29!  Earlier in the year we had cross country.  We walked up to Te Uru gallery to make clay pinch pots.  Our Inquiry was about ‘Treasure’ and we thought about what was a treasure to us.  Then we began to investigate Pirates and Pirate treasure.  We even had a treasure hunt and found lollypops.  Constable Carl took us for a walk up the road and taught us about road safety.  

In term 2 we learnt about ‘What’s underneath’ at Arataki where we investigated insects habitats.  During our Inquiry that term, we learnt about volcanoes and made crystals in our classroom.  In term 3 we had our 100 days at school party which was great fun.  Our Inquiry was ‘What’s up above’.   After visiting the Star Dome Observatory we found lots of facts about our Solar System.  We even made a paper mache model of all the planets in our Solar System.  We had a fun day where the whole school dressed up as a book character.   Term 4 found us learning about why people invent things.  We then invented our own board games and shared these with each other.  Once again we walked up to Te Uru gallery and made a clay piece of cake that looked so tempting!  

Over the year our buddy class (Room 8a) has been amazing and they have helped us with our Inquiries as well as done lots of fun activities with us.  It’s been a lovely year and we have become great friends and have enjoyed working together.