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Room 14

Sarah Muthiah —

Room 14 has had such a wonderful year.  It was full of new learning, exciting adventures, trying new things and building new friendships.

In Term 1 we had to help Mrs Augustine solve a problem she had with making a ‘brain juice’ for the school.  We had research different vegetables and fruit to create a healthy and delicious brain juice.  Term 2 was all about ‘Lights, Camera and Action’.  We visited a theatre in Titirangi and learnt all about making films.  We made our own films using a variety of programmes like iMovie and Stikbot.  In Term 3 we went back in time visiting Howick historical village.  During the term we broke off into groups to learn about different areas of history like transportation and inventions and showcased our work by setting up our classrooms like museums.  Finally in Term 4 we had our big Year 3 sleepover which was so much fun.  We had the opportunity to try new things and were very brave throughout it all.  Our Inquiry for the term surrounded music and sound.  It was interesting to see how sound is made and how to make different sounds.

The children have grown so much and are ready to take on Year 4 and whatever it holds.