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World Famous in Titirangi!

Linda Heckler —

Kaurilands kids join forces to claim Guinness World Record

A group of 1799 school children, teachers and parents claimed the Guinness World Record title for the 'largest human image of a bicycle' at Glen Eden Intermediate on 9th June.

Kids, parents and teachers created the shape of a bicycle and held their position for five minutes on the school sports turf.  Along with Glen Eden Intermediate, students came from Konini Primary, Oratia Primary and Kaurilands Primary. 

A Guinness World Records Project Manager, a Guinness World Records Adjudicator and independent witnesses attended and the whole event was captured by a drone. 

The previous record was recorded in England and stood at 1148 people.

Travelwise programme for schools

All the schools that attended the event are part of Auckland Transport’s Travelwise programme, which delivers a safe approach to road safety around schools and reduces congestion through increased walking and cycling. There has been a 4 per cent increase in walking and cycling in Travelwise schools despite long-term national trends of reduced walking and cycling to school.