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Hermoso Bosque

The creek.  A wonderful place to explore, although it can be seen as an ordinary stream, if you think that, you might realise that this fact could be “misunderstood” in the mind of a child.  You would be right.  It is to them a world of adventure, with enormous waterfalls breathing life to a tall, but not overwhelming forest full of birds flocking, calling, with melodies completely unheard of.  Unique and beautiful.

Up close this place makes you feel like each moment is different, always something new.  Constantly changing in every way, mirrored in a slightly different version of itself, a second, every second to be treasured.  The river gushing tons of water, the levels uncertain, changing rising and fluctuating at random intervals, entrancing you so you watch its' hypnotic ways, trapped in the moment.

The trees, dancing with the wind as it creates music.  Unmelodic and disorderly, but still music, untarnished by mankind.  Trees; like tall bushes that seem to be everywhere if you’re looking for for one. They stick to the dirt, entombed by it, never escaping the tight grasp of it.

Yet the ground too has its own life, as bugs crawl through it, as if they were looking for a non-existent treasure.

So, perhaps children don’t misunderstand the creek, they just view it from a different perspective.  But whether people like it or not, there is only one stream.