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Climb your Learning Mountain!

Rūma Tahi —

In Rūma Tahi our metaphor for learning is climbing a mountain.  At first you get excited as you start your new challenge.  During the climb it becomes difficult and challenging.  You might feel different emotions and get frustrated, upset and want to give up.  With a growth mindset and support from others you can get out of the dip and conquer your learning mountain.  At the top you feel elated and proud.  Different people need to climb different mountains.  Some are big, some are small, but all are challenging.  Our class motto is 'Climb your Learning Mountain'. Here is a picture of a collaborative art project that we worked on with the support of Jess Pearce.  We each painted a piece of paper and added texture by scraping the paint with different tools. It was inspired by Eric Carle's artwork. A small team of students worked together to cut and glue this amazing piece. Well done Rūma Tahi, it is amazing!