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Kauri - Our very own Owl

The Big Hoot's Little Hoot from 3rd March - 6th May 2018

The Big Hoot —

Look out for "Kauri" - our very own school Owl at New Lynn War Memorial Library

Super-sized owl sculptures will descend on Auckland for the Haier Big Hoot art trail from Saturday 3 March, 2018. Over 100 owls will roost in parks, public spaces, malls and libraries, turning Auckland into a virtual aviary until Sunday 6 May.  On the 29th May the owls will be auctioned to raise funds for the Child Cancer Foundation.

There are 47 giant owls that have been individually designed by Kiwi and International artists.  The Little Hoot is an integral part of the Haier Big Hoot which has brought together 56 schools from across Auckland city. The schools have participated in a curriculum based education programme, combined with a creative art project. All of these schools have designed and crafted their own ‘mini’ owlets which will also stand tall alongside the Big Hoot trail.

Kaurilands School was lucky enough to receive an owl to contribute to this fantastic event. With the support of our very own resident artist teacher, Tracey Henderson and three of our very talented students, our owl 'Kauri' was created. Maddison Giles pictured above is the CCF ambassador and "Kauri" will be on display at New Lynn War Memorial Library.  

Have a family fun day out and follow the trail - for more information go to  https://www.thebighoot.co.nz/