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Our students' fantastic work

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Have a look at some of the work our students have been doing at the start of Term 3:

First of all apologies to Anita, she had her Matariki poem published in our last newsletter, however we had her name down as Amanda! So sorry Anita!

Levi from Room  29 wrote a fantastic story about his holidays and brought it to show Mrs Augustine - who gave him a Principal's sticker - great writing Levi!

The Year 3 students visited te Uru Gallery this week and had a lesson on how to draw on cloth with chalk - Teige made this wonderful book character flag featuring the Cat in the Hat during Room 9's trip.  Super job Teige!

Last week Room 29 celebrated being at school for 100 days. They  did lots of fun activities around the number 100. The children even made an art piece showing what they thought they would look like when they were 100 years old!

Have a look at what Lily from Rōpū Whitu made for her Maths project. The students had to make up a menu and present it in a different way - they had to make a logo, make up 7 mains, 3 combos, 5 entrees, 4 desserts and 5 drinks.   They could present it in any way they liked - but it had to be creatively, so Lily created it on a chocolate brownie.  Wow Lily, this is so creative!!!  You can eat it too!