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Sharing Learning and Progress here at Kaurilands

Erin Namajuska —

At Kaurilands School we are committed to developing genuine relationships between teachers, children and whānau that focus on learning and progress. There are many different ways we share information about your child’s learning with you throughout the year. These are outlined below:


Seesaw is used, informally, to capture what your child has been learning and to build a learning profile over time. It allows learners to capture learning in all its forms through video, voice recordings, photos and links. Throughout the year, your child will build on their portfolio showcasing the progress they have made across the curriculum.

We strongly encourage every parent to sign up to seesaw so that they can receive notifications when their tamariki makes a learning post and so you can see the progress made throughout the year in real time.

Whānau Evening/ Student Led Conferences

At the beginning of each year we meet with all families to learn more about each child, build relationships and set goals for the year ahead.

In early Term 3, after our mid year school reports have gone live on Linc-Ed, we hold Student Led Conferences. These are a time for learners to share their learning progress with the audience that matters most to them, you, their whānau.

Exhibitions of Learning

Whānau will have the opportunity throughout the year to come and see exhibits that students have created to showcase their learning.  Whānau are invited to wander through the learning spaces and have a look at the wonderful student creations!


When a child first starts school they receive a School Entry Assessment, the results of which, are shared with whānau in an SEA (School Entry Assessment) meeting.

Here at kaurilands we use Linc-Ed as a digital platform to share where your children are at and their learning goals.

Parents will be able to log into their child's profile on LINC-ED (our student management system) to access their child's goals, evidence of learning, an overview of how your child is progressing and how you can support your child at home. This will be updated for all children mid year and end of year and you will be notified when a new post has been made.

Open Door Policy
Here at Kaurilands we have an open door policy. Teachers and whānau will have ongoing conversations throughout the year to ensure success and wellbeing for all of our children. If you have any concerns about your child’s learning or would like to know more about where they are at and how you can support them, please feel free to organise a time to talk with your child’s teacher.