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Our very proud Kaurilands School chess team

A Great Weekend for the Kaurilands Chess Team

Christoph Thurner —

Our Chess team excels again - and even get to eat their chessboard!

On Saturday 28th October Anya (Rm1), Mike and Yolanda (Rm7) and Sofia (Rm3) played in the ChessPower Champions Trophy.  They had qualified by winning all games in local/regional Tournaments. 163 players from Primary, Intermediate and High Schools played 9 rounds of chess.  Our results were:

Anya: 11th with 7 points, won Primary School Division, earned the title ChessPower Junior Master.
Sofia: 26th with 6 points, had the highest rating increase of all Primary School children.
Yolanda: 76th with 4.5 points
Mike: 87th with 4.5 points

Full results can be found here: https://nzjunior.tornelo.com/tourname…/champions-trophy-2017

On Sunday 29th October the same players as well as Immanuel (Rm10) played the ChessPower Nationals - a team competition. Out of 20 participating Primary Schools (97 players) we came 2nd! The individual results, out of 9 games, were:

Anya: 1st with 8.5 points
Yolanda: 14th with 6 points
Immanuel: 15th with 6 points
Sofia: 24th with 5.5 points
Mike: 38th with 5 points

Full results: https://nzjunior.tornelo.com/…/chess-power-national-finals-…

What makes this even more impressive is that Sofia is the only Year 6 player so that all others will be able to compete again next year. 

During the Junior Prizegiving the top 4 players battled it out in a show match Boys vs Girls on a CHOCOLATE CHESS BOARD!! Anya and Amelia won and ate their pieces.