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Waste Wise Audit

Lillian Bombay —


On Wednesday 28 March, Kaurilands had a waste audit where all our rubbish for two days was weighed.  These were the results:

 Paper recycling - 39kg (including contamination of 6.76kg)

Soft plastic - 0.88kg  

Staff recycling - 1.34kg

Then our landfill bins were weighed and this was the result:

Total landfill - 30.88kg ...

...which was then re-sorted due to contamination with the following results:

Compost - 7.2kg
Recycling - 1.28kg
Paper - 2.1 kg
Soft plastics - 1.56kg
Actual landfill - 9.7kg

Summary - only 9.7kg of the actual 30.88kg of landfill was actually landfill rubbish.  The rest was contamination.  We will be looking at our recycling/rubbish process so as to improve our systems.   Watch this space for further details.