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Photo by Jo Augustine

Kids and Tech: A New Landscape

Rachel Thorpe —

This term our senior students will be looking closely at how they can use digital technology to create, inspire and share, all while avoiding the dangers that come with the online world. 

What is the role that media and technology play in children's development? If used safely and wisely, media and technology can support a child's growth. Apps, games, and websites can help kids with problem-solving, cooperation, handling emotions, social skills, creativity, learning difficulties, and more. Through active engagement and using media wisely, parents and educators can support healthy child development. 

Kaurilands students learn to be digital citizens. This means being able to think critically, behave safely and interact responsibly in an online world. It's not rocket science, in fact very similar rules apply to the real world!

Watch the video below and take some time to talk to your child about what apps and games they and their friends are talking about and using at the moment.