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Guitar Lessons at Kaurilands

Sasha Witten-Hannah —

Friday lunchtime - Rūmā Kowhai

Guitar Group beginning at Kaurilands school this term! Contact Sasha Witten-Hannah on 0212545046 or email: heartstrings@paradise.net.nz. Friday’s at Lunchtime in Rūmā Kowhai.
Bring your own: Guitar –preferably a classical guitar with nylon strings - half size for 5 to 8 year olds 3/4 size for 9 year olds and above, Foot stool (looks like a miniature ironing board), Electronic guitar tuner, Capo (a little clamp that clips onto the guitar neck to make it sound higher), Small fold-up plastic stool the height for a child to sit on comfortably with their knees at a right angle. (The school may have chairs the right height but it’s important to have one to practise with at home.) I will lend out bits and pieces in the beginning where necessary but you’ll need to have your own.
Cost: $60 per term ($30 per term for those who also attend weekly guitar lessons with a private tutor as they can buddy up with beginners and be helpers).
My hope is that we will be able to accompany the school as they sing for at least one song at every assembly.