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Room 26

Room 26

Lillian Bombay —

What a creative and learning year Room 26 have had.

Our journey began in Term 1 with getting to know each other and ourselves through lots of activities such as writing biographies, board games, working in teams (pirate sports day), talking about emotions, painting our self portrait, discovering what our name means and sharing these things with others.

Term 2 saw the class settled and established. Our Inquiry was 'What’s Underneath’ which led to curious minds researching different fields of interest such as gems, rocks, skin, volcanoes and the ocean.

Term 3 had the children thinking upwards with our focus being ‘What’s Up Above’.   We studied Space and investigated a question that we personally wanted to know about, displaying our findings in a diorama. We also visited Star Dome which filled our minds with lots of fascinating space information.   In this term we also visited the beloved Harold from Life Ed where we learnt about our bodies and healthy eating.

Term 4 saw us being inventers.  We learnt about famous inventions, explored the process of inventing and came up with our own inventions to help provide the school with more birds, bees and insects through planning and creating bird feeders and insect hotels.

All through the year we have enjoyed the relationship with our Buddy Class who have helped us with research, making things or just having fun.  Discovery time has been a wonderful opportunity for the children to make their own choices to partake in activities that have interested them. They have loved having Anton from Kiwi Sports introducing them to games that build their sporting skills.   The children are excited to be splish splashing in the pool now that summer has arrived.

It has been lovely to see such young minds learning, trying new things and growing in their social skills and confidence. What a great year 2017 has been.