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Sky - A poem by Amadeia (Rm 2a)

Office —

The sun glows like a million fireflies,

As you hear the wind sighs,

The swift, slow movement of the clouds,

Glide before the radiant sun, which they shroud,

Then daylight’s blue is all you can see,

But it darkens!

In the horizon, you see something beastly,

Rain, hail and lightning, all come down,

As the sky suddenly frowns

Soon it clears up, the sun in your face,

The bright blue of the day, the winds give chase.

And like a watercolour painting right on cue,

Slowly the sunset comes into view.

The brilliant stars shine a dazzling light,

The constellations you can see on a clear night,

The stars gleaming and glittering with their polar-white smiles,

And, oh! It stretches out for miles!

Yin and yang, night and day,

The sky takes my breath away,

An amazing view and adventure,

Colourful too.

Weather and ever-changing times of the day

All with a different hue.

The sky darkens and the birds fly by,

They say there's not much blue in nature,

But I say there's the whole sky! 

The following letter was sent from Paula at Poetry Box.

Thanks for sending your sky poem. I really love the way you have gathered words and images to build a luminous sky poem. I can tell you love writing. I will be reading all the emails over the next two days and picking some to post on Poetry Box on August 31st. I have been sent a lot of poems from all over NZ so it will be very hard picking just a few to post. I have picked yours. You might like to try some of my hidden challenges on my National Poetry Day post. Check out Poetry Box. Ngā mihi nui Paula