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REMINDER - Immunisation Records

The School Office —

We need to ensure our records are up to date

With so many different contagious diseases doing the rounds, we need to ensure all our students' immunisation records are up to date.  If you wish to check what we have on our records for your child/children, please contact the school office.   If fully immunised, we will have taken a copy of the immunisation record, however we have quite a lot of copies missing (where parents have stated fully immunised but no record has been forthcoming), if you think this could be you, please bring in a record of the immunisation and we will photocopy.  If there is a case where a contagious disease occurs at school, the parents of the students who are not immunised, or we do not have a copy of the immunisation records, will be contacted to collect their child/children and keep them home for the Ministry's recommended amount of time.