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Room 11

Rm 11

Stephanie Martin —

This year in Room 11 has been amazing!  In Term 1 we went to the Maritime Museum and sailed on a lovely boat for our ‘Journeys’ Inquiry. We also learned about how people used to travel in the past.  Later in Term 2 our Inquiry project was ‘Eye on Nature’ where we enjoyed going into the bush and doing all sorts of different walks.  We also made posters about a wild animal!  Term 3 was amazing because we managed to beat a World Record!  We went with three other schools and formed into a huge bike.  We were also able to make small recordings as if we were ‘In the Spotlight’ for our Inquiry.  In Term 4 Room 11 and Room 9 went to Motu Moana camp.  The activities were so much fun especially  the flying fox and abseiling wall!  For dinner we had chips and burgers and feasted on ice cream.  Overall this year has got to be the best!