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We need our school parents to act responsibly when parking in and around our school.

Traffic congestion at the beginning and end of each school day is not going to get any better in the foreseeable future and we need our parents to drive and park responsibly around this area.  

We are receiving complaints from residents and other motorists about drivers doing U turns outside the school gates, road rage, parking across private driveways - including the school staff carpark - and parking irresponsibly in the carpark opposite the school thereby blocking other cars from entering or leaving.  Our neighbours are becoming very upset at the lack of consideration from offenders and also with the amount of rubbish which seems to accumulate in the carpark.  Please keep any rubbish in your vehicle or children's schoolbags, to be disposed of when you return home. 

Whenever possible, we urge you to park a little further away from the school from where your child/ren can walk safely to or from school with or without you.

It is NOT acceptable for cars to be parked in our 2 minute zone immediately outside school for other than the purpose of dropping off or picking up students on the pavement outside the school's main entrance. Please respect this area.