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Congratulations to our amazing students:

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Joshua Akutsu (Rm 9) has been training hard - even in weekends - in preparation for his Club's recent Karate competition.   All his hard work was rewarded when he won Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in the competition.  He competed in Samon and placed 1st, in Kata and placed 2nd and also in Sanbon Kumete and placed 3rd!  Wow, what a busy weekend you had Joshua.

Alvin Cui (Rm1) loves creating BIG things.  After building an aircraft carrier out of his Lego blocks, he decided to try and make a bigger one using lots of cardboard, special glue and paint.  It includes four airplanes of varying sizes. Check out the photo below showing a very proud Alvin and the end result of his labour.  It took him one and a half days to complete.