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Room 13

Room 13

Abby Skeen —

Room 13 has had a wonderfully busy year!

Throughout the year we have taken part in our ‘Dig In’ sessions where we’ve learnt how to cook delicious healthy meals and experience planting and gardening.  We also got to create our own Juicies and Smoothies in Term 1.  Our Term 2 focus was ‘Lights, Camera, Action’ where we investigated how movies were made and then created our own StikBot Movies and Flip-books.   In Term 3 we went back in time and visited the Howick Historical Village to see how New Zealand has changed over time.   Across Year 3 we looked at 5 different areas in which things have changed the most; Schooling, Transportation, Tools, Inventions and Toys.  It was lovely to see everyone making items and being fully engaged in the process.   Finally in Term 4 our inquiry was based around Music.  We were lucky enough to visit ‘The Auckland Symphony Orchestra’ to get a taste of how instruments work together and the sounds they produce.  Of course we can’t forget our amazing Year 3 Sleepover and outdoor day that included a Burma Trail, Inflatable Obstacle Course and Rock Climbing!

Room 13 is filled with amazing children who have accomplished so much over the year and are ready to become outstanding Year 4’s!