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Kirtus Rōpū Rima —

by Kirtus Rōpū Rima

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The Carver’s Adventure

The old carver’s hands moved to the rhythm of the wood. As he carved, the wood began to tell it’s story. The carver looked up from his work to see the room around him dissolve from a workshop into a marae. He stopped his carving and looked around. All was quiet.

He stood up and walked outside. He looked around, cautious of what might happen if the locals awoke. He glanced at the marae. There was a carving piece missing and the rest looked exactly like his. “Hmm what if I put my carving in the gap?” he thought as he grabbed his carving and placed it. As suddenly as he placed it, everything around him dissolved before turning back into his workshop.

He grabbed another piece of wood and started carving hoping his adventure would start again.