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Rūma Tahi —

This term Rūma Tahi has been using the FANTASTICs to describe Mrs Pratchett from the novel "Boy" by Roald Dahl. (See the FANTASTICS above). Here are some wonderful descriptive paragraphs from three students from Rūma Tahi.

"Ding, dong" the shop bell alarmed my arrival as I walked through the door. The door handle was covered in slime, it felt like snot straight from someone's nose. Then I heard an old crooked voice shout out “WHAT DO YA WANT YA GREASY OLD WART”.  I didn’t reply.  About 1 minute later I heard her scream out “I DON’T WANT YOU IN HERE JUST LOOKING”.  I said I’d hurry up but it wasn’t long till she shouted out "Either you run out or you gets out".  Then I said, "I’ll have one liquorice bootlace and 6 pence worth of Gobstoppers". Then I saw Mrs Pratchett dig her filthy hands into the lolly jar.  I don’t think I want them anymore I said to myself.  She grabbed a bit of news paper, chucked the lollies in and said, "Now get out you filthy little brat".  As I walked out I said to myself, I don't think I'll be going there again.

I stood in front of the sweet shop.  I felt nervous because I'd never met Mrs Pratchett in person before and not many people liked her.  Suddenly I heard a bang come from the counter.  I took two steps back because the bang nearly made me deaf.  I peered through the glass window and I saw Mrs Pratchett counting money, but she did not have a smile on her face.  As I opened the wooden door I saw Mrs Pratchett sitting on her tiny chair.  She stared at me hard like a frog.  I searched for the Gobstoppers.  Suddenly a colourful piece of candy struck my eye, I had never seen such a beautiful thing.  It had blue and purple dots.  I had just enough money to buy six Gobstoppers and two sour sorts.  I was so thrilled until Mrs Pratchett said "Scram you greasy wart and keep your little fingers off my chocolates cause you ain't getting any".  So I ran off!


My heart pumped faster than the speed of light as I twisted the door handle of Mrs Pratchett's candy store. There were two boys at the counter.  Mrs Pratchett had a jar of Gobstoppers and a jar of lollipops.  Mrs Pratchett shoved a paper bag in one boys face. ”Take these gobstoppers you spoilt brat!” she barked. The lollipop jar was next.  Mrs Pratchett scooped the lollipops out of the jar with her grimy hand. The boys took the sweets and ran off.  I searched the shelves for something I wanted. The smell of turtle fudge wafted up from a jar in the corner of the shelf.  ”I want that fudge!” I thought.  ”One mint ball and one block of fudge’’ I said.  ”Fudge eh?’’ she replied.  She handed me the candy and I immediately ate the fudge. The fudge melted inside my mouth.  I slid some money across the counter and picked up the mint ball. The smooth mint ball rolled around my hand. The bell rang as I walked outside. It was raining. Yay.