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Rōpū Rima

Rōpū Rima (Rooms 5 & 6)

Hannah Pragert & Sian Branks —

What a fantastic year we've had in Rōpū Rima.  Our Inquiry has been around the concept of 'Challenge' and boy, we have faced some challenges this year!  In Term 1 we looked at the challenges within, who we were as learners and what makes us unique.  The Y6 students challenged themselves at Camp and the Y5's had a 'Challenge Week'.  In Term 2 we looked into the Challenges of the brain and what makes the brain a special driving force of who we are and the Year 5's challenged themselves at camp.  In Terms 3 and 4 we looked at the challenges that the Earth faces in 'Trash Planet'.  We learned how to up-cycle our trash in order to consume less and send less waste to landfills.  What an awesome learning journey we have had in 2017!