Hero photograph
Photo by Maria Menzies

Midwinter Carnival

Tor Devereux —

Where can you find snails, mice, an owl, frogs, moths, rabbits and flowers - not to mention a few stilt walkers, various musicians, several dancing groups and lanterns galore? In the parade at Dunedin’s annual Midwinter Carnival, of course!

In amongst all of the above were two groups of Kavanagh College performers. The Kavanagh dancers (moths) led the parade with their amazingly beautiful and delicate wings swirling gracefully through the dark, while the Kavanagh music squad wasn’t far behind tunefully blowing trumpets, trombones, clarinets and saxophones and creating wonderful rhythms on a variety of portable percussion instruments.

The students really enjoyed the opportunity to participate in this awesome community event that marks the middle of winter - and hopefully we’ll be invited back again next year.