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Special Character Prefects

Maliza and Pippa —

In this time of struggle especially for young people, worshiping with your friends and other young people could be something to consider.

To see what it is like, we asked a few seniors and juniors who attend the youth masses about their experience of going to the masses.

1. Why do you go along to the Youth Masses?

Manaia Barns - Matua Tili asked me to go and yeah why not he’s a cool dude. When I went it was just a nice way to start off Sunday and go to mass, which I probably don’t do often enough so it was a win-win.

Sarah A-Balushi - Usually because I have a role/reading to do, and I would normally attend mass during the weekend so I go along. Also to represent the school and encourage it among others.

Oliver Lodge - I go to youth mass because I enjoy seeing friends and playing music. I like the atmosphere of the church and the welcoming community.

Therese Tili - It's at my local parish and it's nice seeing other young people there from Kavanagh and around the city.

Isaac Tili - I like going to youth mass because it gets the youth involved with worship. It also encourages younger students to be part of a parish.

2. What are the highlights of attending the youth masses?

Manaia Barns - Definitely nice to see like Alex and Sarah and some other people around our age going to mass, something not very common so it was cool to see them there and participating. Coffee afterwards is nice as well, so that’s a bonus.

Sarah A-Balushi - The social side of it - getting to see people from school out of that environment. It's a nice way to express our faith communally as a school outside of school.

Oliver Lodge - My highlights of the youth mass are playing the music and working alongside other people to create the music.

Isaac Tili - Being in the presence of my friends, playing music for God, being able to talk to the elders at church and to learn the order of the mass.

Therese - I like seeing other people my age there and a full church

3. Now that you’ve been to these youth masses, do you believe it encourages more young people to come along?

Manaia Barns - Kinda… I guess. There’s definitely a higher proportion of younger people compared to a normal mass, but the majority of people are still 40-50+, so it’s not super encouraging I guess.

Sarah A-Balushi - Hopefully! Possibly if we talk about them more to other students around us/share photos/advertise etc more will come.

Oliver Lodge - I think there is still more potential for it to grow. I have asked music friends a couple of times and they haven’t come, I’ll still keep asking.

Isaac Tili - It does encourage youth to come along but I think more would like to come along if we keep inviting them. It is nice to see the usual supporters and new faces.

Therese Tili - I think it does encourage more young people to come to mass because some people that have never been before are starting to go.

On the side note, we send our thoughts and prayers today for our teachers and others who are in the midst of covid 19. We pray for their protection, comfort and healing. May we continue to keep them in our prayers.


Maliza & Pippa - Special Character Prefects 2022