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Japanese Lecture 
Photo by Maggie McGarry

G&T Learning Hub host a Japanese Lecture

Maggie McGarry —

 Balazs Kiglics, a representative of the Asian Studies Department at the University of Otago, gave a talk on Japanese history, culture, and language at the Saint Mary's/Kavanagh College Learning Hub last Friday.

Kavanagh College and Saint Mary's students had the unique experience of Balazs Kiglics giving them a 'lecture'  on Japan.  Balazs is a walking encyclopedia on Japan, he has studied language, history, and culture for over 25 years and was able to answer any questions the students had on the topic.  He also facilitates lectures and tutorials on Japanese Language and Culture at the University of Otago.

The breadth of the discussions on Friday went from simple Kanji to the formation of Japanese culture, historical Japan, the imperial system, environmental challenges of the country and Japanese animation. 

Students were excited to receive a gift of Japanese pens and we are confident to say their passion on Japan has been further ignited, with some students now making Japanese culture their focus for their annual research project. 

Thank you so much Balazs for sharing your time and knowledge on this fascinating culture,  you are a real inspiration to the next generation.