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“Wall of Fame” 2021

Staff —

Does your son/daughter qualify for the Wall of Fame this year?

Awarded at the end of year prizegiving.


The student must be a member of the Kavanagh College school community for the year of their achievement.

They must be competing in a national championship for their endeavour. It must be the top competition for their age.

For that particular endeavour a student must gain:

  • a 1st or 2nd place in the final of a New Zealand event/endeavour
  • be in the top 1% of a competition
  • gain a position in the top team/group/event in New Zealand
  • or be in a New Zealand team

The Principal has the final say over any requests for consideration.

Please fill out this form with any details that showcase your child's achievements by 25 September so that they can be acknowledged at prizegivings.

Ms Tricia James oversees this process if you need to discuss your child's achievements with her.