Hero photograph
Photo by Kerron Thomson

Year 12 Biology Fieldtrip

Kerron Thomson —

The year 12 Biology students had a trip to Swampy Summit, via Leith Saddle last Friday.

The conditions were a little challenging to say the least - gale force winds; a little ice and snow on the ground and one very steep hill! However, the kids were amazing and they worked hard, with good spirit, to collect data on the species composition of plants in an alpine area. While a little tough, we saw some native birds and were rewarded with great views along the way. 

They were trying to identify a community pattern (zonation) and now that they are back in class, they will endeavor to explain how and why the plants are found in some places and not in others. The biological ideas of competition and tolerance to biotic and abiotic factors, which they measured, will play a big part in their final write up which will see them have the opportunity to get credits in two different standards. 

Kai Pai one and all.

K Thomson and J Allibone