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Y7 PE lesson netball sport
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Shaun Haig —

ACCOMMODATION FOR BILLETS REQUIRED - Monday 24th and Tuesday 25th September


This letter is to advise you of the upcoming Mt Aspiring Interchange in Week 10 of Term Three and alert you that accommodation for billets is required.

The arrangement for the Mt Aspiring Interchange is that the Year Eight students will be hosted by the home school each year. It is our turn this year and we hope that all Kavanagh families will be able help out with at least one billet for a one night stay, two billets if you have the room.

You will be asked to provide an evening meal and one packed lunch. This has worked very well in recent times and both schools have had positive experiences.

Even though it is just the Year Eight students needing to be accommodated it would be great to hear from Year 7 parents too if you are interested.

If you are able to take a billet please email me at the address below.

Your help here is greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

Shaun Haig


Teams involved

· Year7/8 Gold Netball

· Year 7 Gold Netball

· Year 7/8 Girls Miniball

· Year 7 Boys Miniball

· Year 8 Boys Miniball

· Year 7/8 Hockey

· Year 7 Football

· Year 8 Football

· Year 7/8 Rugby