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Photo by Jill Armstrong


Jill Armstrong —

David Cooper, Senior Policy Advisor (Strategy & Rural) at Federated Farmers spoke with the students this morning about his role at Otago and National level to predict future trends to enable farmers to become more adaptable.

For example, new technologies, social pressures, changing consumer demand and expectations, resilience across the sector, improving efficiency of farm systems, ethics and sustainability of production, human and animal welfare, farm profitability, alternative food proteins, plant based and lab-grown meats. He reiterated the importance of a multidisciplinary approach to addressing issues for New Zealand through pooling of specialists from scientific, economic, environmental and political arenas. David answered a variety of student question related to their own research projects. He also offered the opportunity for students to contact him for further assistance.

We are grateful to have such a wonderful range of guest speakers willing to offer their time to present to the students.

Year 10 Economics

Two of the classes have commenced a unit about Agribusiness in New Zealand. They are currently researching a range of careers within the Agribusiness Sector.