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Photo by Caritas

Solidarity Day, Friday 29th September 

Laurel Lanner —

This Friday we will be holding a Social Justice Day when we think about those less fortunate than ourselves and give money to support them.

There will be three key events taking place.

1. “Survive-a-slum”

The Head Students and Service prefects will stay the night in a make-shift slum outside the main office at Kavanagh on Thursday September 28th. Come along, have a chat and make a donation.

2. “Wear to Care”   

Wear no label/low cost clothing

Students bring a $2 coin or more to tutor time (parents, this is an excellent opportunity for students to give their own money.)   “Wear to Care” money will be used to support the Dunedin branch of St Vincent de Paul

How lucky are we??!! Choosing your clothes for this mufti day makes you think about what you’ve got. Wearing your worst stuff makes you think a tiny bit about what it might be like for millions of people around the world who have nothing else. Please don’t go buying trendy second-hand clothing as that defeats the purpose. Wear the least fashionable clothes which you already have at home. 

3. “Coins for Caritas” 
Bring your spare change to the area outside the canteen at lunchtime, to make the longest line of coins to win points for your house.