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Pornography and the online space for our young people.

Rachel Mortimer —

Did you know that most students' first exposure to pornography online is accidental and they are younger than we may think?

This subject can often bring up feelings of anxiety for parents but as always, education and guidance on how to broach this subject with your child can be found in our cybersafety hub. We encourage conversations that are calm and help educate our young students whilst honouring our school values such as respect. The calmer we are with our conversations, the more likely our children will come to us when they need our help rather than shut down for fear of losing their device. 

Another very helpful New Zealand site is The Light Project. Both sites help you as caregivers to navigate this tricky subject with your young people, whether their exposure online has been accidental or not. 

Netsafe NZ has a number of articles dedicated to helping parents work with their children, including issues around pornography, but wider digital issues as well, and you are able to report any digital incidents directly to them.