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Cultural Awards
Photo by Georgie Watts

Cultural Prizegiving

Katrina Kerr-Bell —

Congratulations to the following students who were the major prize winners at the Cultural Awards Prizegiving held last night.

Sophie Whibley:  Drama Trophy
William Frame:  Peeking Duck and KTVN Award
Claire Lamb:  Harger Trophy
Clare MacDonell:  Tried and True Achievement
Clare MacDonell:  Dancer’s Cup
Joshua Chisholm:  Rising Star
Kieran Kelly:  Cultural Committee Cup
Samuel Meikle:  Theatre Sports
Anna Roberts:  The Farry Cup
Anna Roberts:  The Paris Cup
Masin Kewene-Masina:  The Te Atairangikahu Tohu Rakatira Award
Piata Rapata-Hanning:  The Te Awhitu Tohu Rakatira Teina Award
Uatesoni Taungapeau:  Senior Leadership Pasifika Vibes
Therese Makasini:  Senior Leadership Pasifika Vibes
Holly Trainor-Uluakiola:  Junior Leadership Pasifika Vibes
Matthew Nel:  Year 7 & 8 Cup
Samuel Meikle:   Junior Cultural Award
Tuseka Njoko:   Senior Cultural Award
Ivan Graham:   A Tempo Trophy
Sophie Whibley:   Stephen Chambers Cup
Sophelia Hook:   John McKewen Trophy
Tuseka Njoko:   Brother Richard Glen Trophy
Clare MacDonell:   Brother Richard Glen Trophy