by Nicki Ridden-Angus

Academic Excellence 2020

On Tuesday night we held our annual Academic Blues awards, celebrating the high achievements of our students.

Our International Student cohort of 2020 gained a variety of prizes at the Blues and at Senior Prizegiving last year, with students gaining awards for their success in a variety of subjects: 

  • Ryan Wong (Hong Kong, now at University of Melbourne), Academic Blue for Level 3 Endorsed with Excellence. Outstanding Achievement in L3 Earth and Space Science, Commendation for L3 History.
  • Ai Ngan Nguyen (Vietnam, studying in Melbourne), Commendation for L3 Maths with Calculus.
  • Bee Nguyen (Vietnam), Outstanding Achievement in  L2 Maths Extension and Commendation for ESOL
  • Ait Charoenchaturong (Thailand), Commendation for L2 History
  • Cyrus Yam (Hong Kong), 1st with Outstanding Achievement in ESOL
  • Rance Cabantoc (Philippines), Commendation for Health and Physical Education.

We congratulate all of our students for their great results in a challenging year - lockdown didn't slow them down at all.