by Kerron Thomson

Science Teaching Leadership Programme

Kerron Thomson, HOD Science, is currently participating in the Science Teaching Leadership Programme administered by the Royal Society.

Its aim is to make a real difference to students' science learning by:

· Enhancing science programmes to better engage students and develop their science knowledge and skills

· Contributing to the professional learning and development of teachers

· Building links between schools and practising scientists

The Science Teaching Leadership Programme supports the Government’s strategic direction for Science in Society.

Kerron is thrilled to be working in the Ecology Programme with the University of Otago. Ecology is a cross departmental programme overseen by the Botany, Zoology and Marine Science Departments. The programme will include opportunities to work with students and faculty staff, attend undergraduate lectures and laboratories, participate in field and lab-based research and interact with students and researchers in academia. There is a particular emphasis on study design and the ecology of invasive species. Working with such a diverse group of students and academics will provide a diverse range of contexts that Kerron hopes to weave into a dynamic and culturally responsive junior programme based around the Nature of Science.