Hero photograph
Photo by Jo Harford

Rakiura/Stewart Island Adventure

Teresa Robertson —

Some of the International students ventured to Rakiura/Stewart Island, one of New Zealand’s largest National Parks, with Mr Davis this week.

It was a unique but fascinating experience for our international boys and likely to be the most remote place they will ever fly to.The boys had a fantastic trip, they walked in parts of the National Park and Ulva Island, had the chance to ‘find a kiwi’ and enjoyed fishing and eating what they caught! 

To add to the excitement they flew to the island in strong winds and had a safe - but sideways - landing at Stewart Island's air strip! They then returned on the ferry in gale force winds. Stamina and resilience was certainly an ingredient on this trip. 

Well done boys and special thanks to Mr Davis. This was a trip that I’m sure will be a highlight of their time in New Zealand.