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Pasifika I-SERVE workshop
Photo by Jope Tudreu

I-SERVE Programme

Jope Tudreu —

Facilitated by Amada Slade and Pelu Taele

Today we had a great start to the I-SERVE Programme which was held in A4. In this initial session Amada Slade and Pelu Taele were able to share their experiences about being Pasifika in Dunedin. The challenges they faced while in the school were issues that some of the boys easily identified with and it was equally as important, to hear how, they overcame these challenges to become successful in their respective fields. The boys also had an opportunity for an outdoor activity and we finished this session with a song and some kai.

It is hoped that the excitement and enjoyment seen in the programme will prompt our Pasifika brothers in the school to join this wonderful opportunity. We also appreciate the support of the parents who have taken their time to bring the boys to this morning programme.

Students who attended:

Year 9: Isaac Tafo’ou, Silver Iakopo, Jackson McLaughlan, Samisoni Molia

Year 10: Atu Maiono, Vincent Laban

Year 11: Michael Aitcheson, MJ Ongoua, Benny Iakopo, Dylan Sharma

Year 12: Tevita Tu'i, Vili Moata'ane, Kobe Ria

Year 13: Andre Mata'afa, Philjoseph Elisara

Old Boy: Apisalome Tudreu

Teachers: Mr Tupai

Jope Tudreu, Pasifika Dean