Hero photograph
Geology Honours student and King's Old Boy Orion Marshall helps analyse field data to find the direction of an ancient river.
Photo by Daniel Bleckinger

Year 13 Earth and Space...AND Paleontology!

Daniel Bleckinger —

Year 13 ESS students spent a day at the Otago Museum learning about the ancient history of Zealandia - Back when dinosaurs roamed these forests.

Museum staff guided us through current exhibits looking at New Zealand's past, as well as taking us into the deepest regions of the museum to show us how new fossil findings are being actively studied and prepared for exhibition.

We also met with staff from the University of Otago Geology Department who showed us how Paleontologists can study the petrified wood found in Curio Bay to determine what the conifer/fern forest would have looked like in the Catlins 170 million years ago - and even what direction the ancient river was flowing!

We are now ready to head down to the Catlins and collect some data for ourselves later this week.