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Will McCutcheon 
Photo by Tonia Calverley

News from Economics

Tonia Calverley —

Our Year 10 class has been learning about ways to save while the senior boys have achieved great results in an Economics Competition.

The University of Auckland NZ Economics Competition is offered to boys in Year 13. This year some Year 12 boys also completed the assessment.

The following boys achieved outstanding results:

Year 12
Cameron Bruce - High Distinction
Duncan Roff - Distinction
Will Scharpf - Distinction

Year 13
Ben Philpott - Distinction
Ieuan Stables - Distinction
Taylor Watts - Distinction

Year 10

Following our recent savings unit, students presented to the class on a range of saving options. Hugh Askerud presented on the option of Kiwisaver and Will McCutcheon informed the class on the advantages and disadvantages of Bonus Bonds.