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Can you help the Library?

Bridget Schaumann —

The library is seeking copies of books that you may have at home which are superfluous to requirements. I am after popular reads such as Lee Child, David Baldacci, Harlan Coben, Stephen King, Bernard Cornwell, Conn Iggulden, and Brandon Sanderson – popular novels and biographies of sports and other well-known people which have been published within the last 10 years.

We would also appreciate recipe books, car books, fishing and hunting books etc. Any books which will appeal to young men and which you may be willing to pass along to the library.

I am always interested in books which your teenagers may have outgrown, popular series like Rangers Apprentice, Gone, any manga and comics, Cherub etc. are always popular with our boys and if your young men are willing to part with them, they will be sure to be well utilised in the library. Any books which are donated which cannot be utilised will go to another school or to the Lilliput Library System.

The library is also after any chess sets or other board and card games. These are incredibly popular at lunchtimes and intervals with boys playing all kinds of games. If you have spare games I would love those too.

I can collect books during the school holidays or they can be dropped off at school. If you have any queries contact me at sc@kingshigh.school.nz

Thank you