The Dunedin Performing Arts Competition Society – Annual Instrumental Competition opens for entries.

Jo Dryden —

The competition is geared towards classical music played on orchestral instruments or piano and young musicians are invited to perform their pieces to a live audience.

Annually, the Dunedin Performing Arts Competition Society organise an Instrumental Competition, geared towards classical music, played on orchestral instruments or piano. This year they are celebrating 120 years. The competition is planned for 16 to 18 September. 

This year the adjudicator is Kenneth Young, one of New Zealand's most well-known composers.

The Society now invites young musicians to come and perform those pieces they have been practicing, to a live audience, in a warm and friendly environment. It is a competition where cups and prizes are awarded, but their main aim is to stimulate young musicians, to bring them together, and to celebrate their hard work.

Any students interested in entering in the competition can find out more by following the link below. An entry form is available by following the second link below.
More information can be found in our syllabus:

Our Entry form is here: