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Touch at King's
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Touch - Week 6

Dan Koni —

King's team win Otago Secondary Schools' Junior Competition

Otago Secondary Schools Junior Competition (Friday 23rd November)

Congratulations to the Junior 1stTouch Team who played Touch during Tournament Week. The tournament was played indoors at the Edgar Centre due to rain making grounds at the Kensington Oval unplayable.

Never-the-less, the team played well under the format and managed to show dominance throughout their games, by posting large scores on their opposition and defending their line with passion. This lead to the team being undefeated, under the tutelage of our King's 1st  Team Captains, Henri Mitchell-Collie and Meihana Schooner.

Game 1: KHS defeated JMCG B, 9-0

Touchdowns: V.Palu(3), T.Elisara(2), J.Davis, O.Tuhega-Vaitupu, B.Paku, B.Freeman

Game 2: KHS defeated Dunstan High School, 13-4

Touchdowns: B.Freeman(3), J.Davis(2), V.Palu(2), T.Elisara(2), J.Palu(2), B.Paku, E.Tu’i

Game 3: KHS defeated OBHS, 8-3

Touchdowns: V.Palu(2), B.Paku(2), B.Freeman(1), J.Davis, T.Elisara, E.Tu’i

Game 4: KHS defeated JMCG A,10-1

Touchdowns: B.Freeman(2), T.Elisara(2), J.Davis(2), B.Paku, J.Palu, W.McCutcheon, V.Palu

In other results....

Kensington Oval Men's (Tues 27th November)

King's 1st Touch Team defeated Raging Bulls, 8-4

Touchdowns: V.Palu(3), A.Cameron(2), R.McNeil, K.Panapa, M.Schooner