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MAGIC TOURNAMENT - Round 2 - UNREAL Performances!
Video by Cav

Magic Tournament

Jeremy White —

Amazing performance - Vote for Caleb.

We cannot be certain but this is perhaps a King's Week first in recognising the progress of a Magician in our midst, Year 13 student, Caleb Simpson. 

Caleb is known to many in the school as someone who is extremely dedicated to his craft and is often (nearly always) found with a pack of cards in his hands making teachers and students alike question their sanity as to what they've witnessed. 

Caleb has recently moved through to the quarter-finals of a Magic Tournament hosted on Youtube after impressing in the first knockout round. 

You can see his entry:


And vote for Caleb for a place in the semi-finals on the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IqZIehLQzzg&ab_channel=Cav

 Good luck Caleb!