Te Korowai o Mihiwaka - Orokonui Ecosanctuary site of Year 13 Biology Investigation

Vicki Jopson —

The main purpose for the three days was to use Botanist Taylor Davies-Colley's expertise to carry out a Biological Investigation with reference to the plants in the ecosanctuary.

There was a lot of information that linked our Speciation topic to New Zealand examples which will be helpful for the boys when sitting their external examinations. The boys had to design a pattern seeking investigation, collect data, process the data and then discuss their findings in relation to the plant’s habitat and life processes. Held in June over three very cold days it was fortunate not all of the work was done outside. 

 A big thank you to Taylor Davies-Colley, Mrs Cromarty as well as Reggie and Mr Boswell for picking up the slack when Mrs Jopson had to isolate and couldn’t be there.