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Dan Reddiex, Rector
Photo by Jo Harford

From the Rector's Desk

Dan Reddiex —

The first school week of 2017 has been an exciting and enjoyable one.  

We were delighted on Tuesday to welcome another impressive Year 9 group, both numerically and in terms of quality, to King’s. They become the 82nd intake of Year 9 students to be able to call King’s their secondary school home. The apprehension that was so evident on their faces on the first day has largely been replaced by relief and smiles as they settle into their new environment for the next five years. It is also my pleasure to welcome the parents and families of these young men to your new school. For some of you, the school will represent familiar surroundings while for others it will be a new experience and one that I trust will be enjoyable and memorable for the right reasons. For all of you, and your sons, I hope that this will be a year filled with success and celebration.

The combined school roll currently sits just in excess of 1000 students. These numbers enable us to maintain the intimacy and care that is such a strength of our school. They also mean we have the economies to provide the breadth and depth of course selection and co-curricular opportunities to meet the needs and interests of our students. The students are the benefactors of these opportunities.

Our NCEA results for 2016 were once again outstanding. I will outline many of these successes in Kingsweek issues to follow. We have consistently been one of the best performing schools in the country over the last five years. We are awaiting the scholarship results with anticipation and these will also be communicated when they are confirmed.

I am delighted to be able to add another battery of outstanding staff to our already impressive team. Due to the departure of staff at the end of last year we welcome Mrs Baker (Japanese), Mr Everett (Assistant Principal), Miss Henderson (Food and Nutrition), Mr Korth (Guidance Counsellor), Miss Randall (Physical Education), Mr Ratima (Maori), Mr Secord (Hard Materials Technology), Mr Sullivan (Social Sciences), Mrs Vercoe (SENCO & Social Sciences), Mr White (Science), Mrs White (Digital Technology), Mr Nidamanuru (Teacher Assistant) and Mr Maze (Technology Assistant). Internally some staff have taken on extra responsibilities, most notably Mr Smith is the acting Deputy Rector and Mr Ross and Mr Greenfield are acting Assistant Principals. Mr Simmons and Mr Corkhill are the acting HODs in Hard Materials Technology and Physical Education respectively.

The message I delivered to the boys at assembly this week was a familiar and consistent one. It is all about personal excellence – the need for the boys to be the best that they can be in whatever they are pursuing. As parents, I am certain you concur with this message and your assistance in reinforcing this message and remaining involved in your son’s education is critical.

The new year also brings a new student leadership team. I know that Malachi Buschl (Head Boy), Tame Govaerts-Paul and Sam Gouverneur (Deputy Head Boys) will serve the student body and their school well in 2017. I am anticipating naming the next round of prefects at assembly next week.

My thanks to the parent body for your feedback in last year’s Board survey. Your positive thoughts and comments were well received and your constructive ones resulted in some changes to the construction of our Annual Plan.

I am looking forward to working together in 2017 to ensure positive outcomes for your sons. It is an honour to be involved in their education and their lives.

Dan Reddiex (Rector)