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2023 Coursing Week Starts

Rachel Campbell —

Parents and students are invited to an NCEA/Careers Evening Tuesday 9th August to understand the different course options available.

Next Week is Coursing Week

To help students make informed decisions when choosing subjects for 2023 there will be the NCEA/Careers evening on Tuesday 9th August.


Year 10 students and parents

Current Year 10 students and parents are invited to the PAC to learn about NCEA and hear a short presentation about Senior Course Selection. Following this, parents and students are encouraged to head over to the Library to meet with Teachers and Careers staff.


Year 11 and Year 12 students and parents

Current Year 11 and Year 12 students are invited to the PAC for a Coursing Presentation. Following this, parents and students are invited to the Library to discuss subject choices in further detail.

The KAMAR Portal will open from Wednesday 10th August for a limited time to allow students to choose subjects for 2023.

Need Help with Choosing Subjects?

There are a range of tools available to help students with their subject choices for 2023 and beyond, and to help you discuss possible options. Here are some links that might help stimulate thinking or help with conversations:

Subject Matcher: Subject Matcher is a short quiz for your young person, it offers job ideas based on the subjects they enjoy or are excelling in. Give Subject Matcher a go >

Careers Quest: Careers Quest is a fun and easy way to explore job choices. https://www.careers.govt.nz/tools/careerquest/

How to Pick Subjects if You’re Unsure: Lots of school students don't know what kind of work they want to do when they leave. Choosing subjects can feel stressful for students if they don't have a career plan. But don't worry, here's how they can keep their options open. Find out more >

Have a Conversation with Your Young Person: Choosing NCEA subjects is an important step for students. Support them through these decisions by sitting down and having a conversation. See our conversation guide for tips >

Students can also request an appointment with the Careers Advisor by either emailing, careers@kingshigh.school.nz, or dropping into the Careers Office in the Library. Alternatively, they can speak to their Dean.